Knitter's Brief Case

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This versatile interchangeable needle case can work as a stand-alone or as an add-on for the larger Knitter's Book Case. With 2 pockets for cables, a large zippered pouch for notions and slots for up to 9 pairs of needle tips, the Brief Case expands the capacity of the Knitter's Book Case by more than a third, and has two slots devoted to really big needles - up to 15 mm.

Even when completely full, the Brief Case folds easily inside a jammed Book Case, adding only about 1" to the width. 

The Brief Case is also ideal for putting together a project-specific toolkit. Working on a pattern that calls for 2 needle sizes, 3 cord lengths, a couple of stitch holders and a darning needle? Move them from your larger case to the Brief Case for the duration of the project.

Please note: This product is discontinued. Check out The Flip Case, which replaces it. 

Needles & Notions
  • Slots for up to 9 pairs of interchangeable needle tips
  • Maximum needle size 15 mm, can store needle tip lengths from 3.75" to 6"
  • Two pockets for cables
  • Large zippered pocket for notions and add-ons like connectors and stoppers 
  • Folds inside Knitter's Book Case to expand capacity or can stand alone


  • 100% wool felt, an ecological and sustainable fabric that meets OEKO-TEX standards for safety
  • Pockets are suede, ideal for keeping needles firmly in place - no more wandering needle tips 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 7.75" x 6.5"
Weight when empty: 45 g
Needle pocket depth: 3"
Cable pocket depth: 3"

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