Knitter's Book Case

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This interchangeable needle case is designed for the knitter with a large collection of tools. With ample space for multiple needle sets and essential notions, you can store everything in one place.

Unlike a needle roll, the Knitter's Book Case stays flat and keeps its shape even when full. It's about the size of an iPad or a notebook (hence the name) and fits easily into most bags and purses.

Needles & Notions


  • Slots for up to 24 pairs of interchangeable needle tips
  • Maximum needle size 10 mm, can store needle tip lengths from 3.75" to 6"
  • Four pockets for cables - sort by length or by brand
  • Large zippered pocket for notions and add-ons like connectors and stoppers - will even fit crochet hooks and DPNs up to 8" long
  • Magnetized area for stitch markers & darning needles - strong enough to keep even large items like scissors in place, even when you are on the go


  • Exterior and lining are 100% wool felt, an ecological and sustainable fabric that meets OEKO-TEX standards for safety
  • Pockets are suede, ideal for keeping needles firmly in place - no more wandering needle tips

Product Specifications

Opened flat: 27" x 19"
Folded and closed: 8" x 9.25" x .75"
Weight when empty: 210 g
Needle pocket depth: 3.25"
Cable pocket depth: 3.5"

Meet the Makers

Designed by Stephanie Earp over the course of a year, the Knitter's Book Case was originally meant to be a one-off. Stephanie wanted a case that answered her specific needs: hold multiple needle sets, not let needle tips slip out, not having to dig around for small parts in a big pocket, and not winding up with an enormous, overstuffed case that wouldn't fit in her project bags. Could one case solve all these problems? Prototype by prototype, Stephanie set out to do just that. At some point in the process, she realized other knitters might have the same needs.

Enter Sandra and Victor of Rimanchik. Montreal-based artisans, they specialize in inventive and unusual leather designs. In addition to their own stunning work, they partner with small business to create small batch custom pieces. Every Knitter's Book Case is cut and assembled by them in their atelier.