ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Kit - Mini, 4", Metal

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For lovers of fine gauge knitting, this set includes the smallest needles available in the ChiaoGoo line. If you find you often have to reach for your fixed needles to work socks, Fair Isle and lace, this set will fill out your tool kit. Because this kit uses the smallest screw join, it is not interchangeable with the other needles in this line - but they do look great together, and have the same sharp tips and high-quality cables. 

This set includes:
1.5 mm (US 000)
1.75 mm (US 00)
2 mm (US 0)
2.25 mm (US 1)
2.5 mm (US 1.5)

2 x 8" (20 cm) cables
1 x 14" (35 cm) cable
1 x 22" (55 cm) cable

2 x cable connector
2 x end stoppers
4 x tightening keys
6 x stitch markers
1 x rubber gripper
1 x mini gauge ruler
1 x fabric & mesh case

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