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If you are knitting newbie or just getting back to the craft after a little hibernation, hi there. I'll be honest, I might not be the right designer for you just yet. I like to design pretty complex patterns - I always say if I'm not breaking my brain, I'm not having any fun. I do have a few easy patterns - at least I think they're easy - and I encourage you to go have a look at them. But I also wanted to provide a few of my favourite resources for easy and beginner-friendly patterns, which I often point my students to. 

Before I get to those, a word about the word 'easy'. Knitters come at the craft from so many different places that it's tough to quantify what is easy. If you are a master sock knitter but haven't knit a sweater before, you have a lot of skills that will make sweater-knitting a breeze, but you might never have sewn a seam or picked up stitches before. Similarly, a shawl knitter who has created the finest and most intricate lace but has never knit in the round before may struggle to adjust to the different feeling of the needles and weight of the work.

Only you know what kind of challenge you are up for - maybe you thrive in the deep end. I know I'm often thrashing around in there myself! But for the most part, I encourage most people to look for patterns that include only one or two totally new skills at a time.

Very Pink Knits
The very best video tutorials, covering every imaginable stitch or technique. When I have an unfamiliar or special stitch in one of my patterns, I often link to a Very Pink tutorial instead of filming my own. Why mess with perfection? Videos are organized into Basics, Techniques and Tutorials. 

Tin Can Knits
For skill-building and beginners, the vast pattern library over at Tin Can Knits is a treasure trove. While they do publish more advanced patterns (like the beautiful lace yoke Love Note Sweater, swoon), their Simple collection is practically a curriculum of knitting techniques, including modern patterns for cowls, socks, hats, pullovers and cardigans for all ages. One thing to note, most of their patterns are worked in the round, so if you are looking for a chance to learn and master seaming, you'll have to look elsewhere.

The Noble Thread
Another brand I really like for beginner-friendly patterns is The Noble Thread. Famous for the adorable French Macaron baby sweater (a great knit-flat pattern with a just a tiny bit of seaming) her beginner patterns are simple to knit, but look just as trendy and cool as more complex patterns. Check out Summer Fling, a free triangular shawl pattern that rides the fade wave and Asheville, a marled chunky cardigan that will knit up in a flash. NOTE: Links in this section lead to

IMAGE: Resolution Knit-Flat Hat by Stephanie Earp

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